Primitive Announces the Addition of Spencer Hamilton to Its Team

Diego Najera leaving the camp isn’t stopping the Primitive juggernaut from moving forward. Paul Rodriguez and company just made another serious power move in the team department with the addition of Spencer Hamilton. How can you not be hyped on Spencer and Wade Desarmo being reunited under the same umbrella? Check the official announcement below.

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“@spencerhamilton’s skateboarding is something that I have admired since the very first time I saw him skate and I’ve always kept an eye out for everything that he’s put out. Over the years I’ve watched Spencer have groundbreaking video parts, feature in ads frontside half cab flipping the biggest stairs, and drop interviews in a ton of magazines, but the stars never aligned for us to spend much time together. Ever since @wadedesarmo joined the squad back in March ’18, he made it clear that if he could ever get anyone on Primitive, it would be Spencer, so when the opportunity recently came up I knew it was time to make it happen. For a long time Spencer has been battling a serious autoimmune injury but after a dietary shift and a few thousand hours of yoga, I’m happy to say that Spencer is skating better than ever. Having spent the last nine months dealing with an injury myself, I know first-hand what Spencer has gone through to get his health back to where it is today, I know how much determination that takes and I’m really looking forward to seeing how far that determination takes him in the future. I think Spencer and Primitive are a perfect match and I’m really happy to have a skater with his character and talent on the #PrimitiveSkate team!” – @prod ? @oliverbarton

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