Sean Cliver Adds Timothy Johnson to the Strangelove Team

Sean Cliver has been releasing some future classic graphics for Strangelove over the past year or so; and we’ve definitely been paying attention. But it appears that it’s more than just an art brand as evidenced by the announcement that Chicago’s Timothy Johnson is now on the team. He’s its first rider to our knowledge, and a solid choice given the part that he just dropped for Uprise. Check the video and announcement above and below, respectively.

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Mike Carroll was once quoted as saying that the formation of Girl Skateboards in 1993 was like the coming together of Voltron. Since that time, I’ve always wanted a collective robot of my own to take shape and it’s finally starting to happen. That said, I’m proud to welcome @timjmz to the @strangelove.skateboards team—where he joins @dtbloty and @skahppy—and give him big ups* for a very smooth and stylish video drop on the Thrasher site yesterday, courtesy of @upriseskateshop @blakematthews11 and the streets of Chicago. ?: @klowthe (* An inside reference to the @bigbrotherskateboardmag Midwest Tour ‘94, during which time “Big Ups” was recorded and produced in Chicago as a spontaneous track for the 7-inch that accompanied Issue 12.)

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