Why Stefan Janoski’s Shoe Resonates With So Many People

The press junket surrounding the tenth anniversary of Stefan Janoski’s Nike SB shoe continues with a new interview from Place. Janoski reveals one of the key objectives of the design that helped launch it into the mainstream in this latest bit of Q&A.

It is cool because the people still looked dressed up when they are wearing the shoe.

To be honest, that was also one of the main objectives when we made the shoe, we wanted to cancel out the “chill shoe.”

Everyone wore their skate shoes for skating, and afterward they would be like “Let’s get these things off!” and they would put on some “chill shoes.” And I was like why does your skate shoe have to be so bad that you have to go to the hotel and change before going out to dinner? That sucks!

While this concept was furthered through designs from various companies after, Janoski and Nike originated the concept. For more, head over to Place to read the entire piece.

Image Via Clement Chouleur