Alexis Sablone Reveals Why She Left WKND for Alltimers

It feels like every year is Alexis’s banner year. But between signature shoes, high-profile editorial, epic collaborations, a new board sponsor, and one of the most talked about parts of 2020, the last 12 months definitely continues the trend. All of this makes her an appropriate guest for the season finale of The Bunt. She talks about all of the previously mentioned accolades, and also airs out why she left WKND to join the crew at Alltimers.

It was just kind of time. I was skating for WKND, and doing graphics. I think it was just me and Grant [Yansura] butting heads on some stuff. He’s a good guy, and a friend, but we just weren’t working well together. I don’t know; that was it. I was over it. We got in one fight too many. I loved being on a team with Trevor [Thompson], and like to think that I’m still cool with most of the people that skate for WKND now. But it was time for a change.

Listen to the episode above. The bit about WKND starts at 46:55.