Del The Funky Homosapien & Danny Way May Have a Project in the Works

The Hundreds recently visited Del The Funky Homosapien at his home in Richmond, California for an extensive interview. Many of the topics were covered in his Wax Poetics interview from this past December; but Del does mention that he was recently contacted by Danny Way, and may have a new project in the works with Plan B.

Twenty five years ago, you dropped No Need For Alarm. You said that album kind of ushered you into skate culture. The title track was featured in a Plan B video, skaters were listening to you.

Speaking of Plan B, Danny just hit me right before y’all came here.

Collaboration coming?

I’ve collaborated with him before but he said he got something cooking. I gotta talk to him and see what it’s about. I always fuck with Plan B anyway. That’s one of my co-conspirators so you could just keep that in mind, Plan B might pop up somewhere.

Head over to The Hundreds to read the entire piece.

Image Via Emily Berkey
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