UPDATE: Transworld Releases Montage From ‘duets’

Transworld released the trailer for duets this afternoon along with the announcement that it will be releasing via iTunes on November 20. The video focuses on shared parts, and features Miles Silvas, Miika Adamov, Tiago Lemos, Carlos Ribeiro, Franky Villani, Jake Hayes, Vincent Alvarez, Zack Wallin, Ronnie Sandoval, and Robbie Russo. duets is available now for $9.99 via iTunes.

UPDATE 01.29.19: Transworld just released the montage from duets, which is fantastic in our opinion. With a great selection of skaters, and an excellent song choice, this is part of the reason why this video charted on our Best of 2018 list.

UPDATE 12.25.18: Transworld offers a Christmas gift in the form of the Classics Intro from duets. It features nearly three minutes of iconic clips from its previous videos, which are all etched in skateboarding’s collective memory forever. Take a trip down memory lane below.

UPDATE 11.15.18: Transworld just released a second trailer for duets, and it may get you even more hyped for the video than the first. Have a look below.