Chad Muska Airs Out Supra in Postmortem Statement

The demise of Supra is old news at this point. But up until today, Muska has remained noticeable silent on the topic. He just posted a statement that provides some perspective on what he had to deal with while working with the brand, and the obstacles he had to overcome when that relationship ended.

I would like to thank Supra Footwear and the massive amount of people from all around this world who helped bring this vision to life.

My relationship ended with the company almost a year ago but I just didn’t have the energy to type this message.

To be honest it was the scariest moment I’ve had in my life in a long time. At that moment this was my final source of steady income.

I had no idea what I was going to do then the pandemic hit and I was left in my home with my anxieties.

I snapped and started to build a concrete retaining wall, I think it was because I knew I had to sell my home I could no longer afford, so I started renovating it myself.

As I built the wall I was able to focus on my project and put all my physical energy into the build, not realizing as I built the wall, I was also rebuilding my thought process and constructing a new path for my life.

I finished the wall all by myself and realized that I can apply myself to anything that I wanted to and that I would not give up.

Although I am grateful for Supra, I also learned a very valuable lesson while working for them all these years, that lesson is, I will never dedicate my life and creative contributions to a corporation that never cared about me, they only cared about making as much money off my Passion, Skateboarding and Designs as they could.

No one there was my true friend, even when they all acted like it, I learned business is business though, and that’s just how it is.

I was constantly devalued and told my contributions were not the reason the products sold and that I was paid too much each time a contract would end, the longer I dedicated myself, the less I got.

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to see these visions come to life, but I was completely ripped off in my opinion and my generosity and kindness were taken advantage of.

Although this may sound bitter, it is just me speaking my truth. I’ll never look back and will only look forward to the future.

The industry tried to completely remove me and convince me I was done, so I had to create my own industry and literally overnight my fans saved my life.

I can’t thank you all enough!

Given all of that, it’s awesome to see what Muska’s been doing with his new brand in the wake of adversity.

Image Via Supra