Lucas Puig Talks Lucrative Palace Deal in New Interview

Jenkem delves into Lucas Puig’s lavish lifestyle in Jenkem’s latest interview. If you’ve been following along, you know that Puig resides in a beach town in France with his wife and kid. And, obviously, he’s been making good money for quite a while. From a video game appearance to his longterm adidas contract, Puig is clearly financially secure. Given his baller status, it says a lot that Lucas is so impressed by his Palace deal, which he accepted in 2018.

Were there any other board brands that offered you more money than Palace when you got on in 2018?

Honestly, no. By far they’re the fucking best, it’s true. What they say, “We da best man!” [laughs]. I’m not going to lie, I wanted to skate for the best company and they offered me the best. I didn’t ask any other companies, but they gave me what I wanted.

Good to know that Lev is spreading the wealth amongst the team. For more on Puig’s lifestyle hammers, head over to Jenkem to read the entire piece.

Image Via Clément Le Gall / Jenkem