Michael Pulizzi Leaves Pizza Days Before Video Release

Michael Pulizzi took to Instagram last night to inform his followers that he’s no longer riding for Pizza. While everyone enjoys a good slice, Pulizzi seems to have decided that a cash compensation would be be better. We kid. But the announcement noticeably comes days before Ethereum makes its debut via Thrasher, which is serious business for Pizza’s editor. We imagine that a reedit sans Pulizzi is browning in the oven as we complete this post. Read his parting words below.

I no longer ride for Pizza Skateboards. I can’t thank you guys enough for all the support over the years, and for giving me a start. Pizza will always be something very special to me, and more than just a brand. It really has been an experience to watch it grow into what it’s become today. This was a very hard decision to make, but today starts a new chapter in my life and I’m excited to see what the future brings!

I’m so grateful for all the miles, memories, and trips we’ve gotten to share over the years that I’ll always look back on and cherish. I LOVE Y’ALL THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!

Image Via Kyle Duval