Bill Strobeck Thinks You Should Put Your Phone Down & Start Living Life

For good reason, Bill Strobeck has been everywhere lately. He’s been a staple of skate culture since the ‘90s; but his stock skyrocketed after the release of Supreme’s “cherry” in 2014. Last year’s “BLESSED” only cemented Strobeck’s legacy as one of the most influential filmmakers in our genre. And he has his sights set on transcending skateboarding with a scripted release at some point in the future. We’re excited to see where he goes with it. Given the amount of followers that look at Strobeck as a mentor of sorts, his latest Q&A with The New Order magazine provides some poignant advice on how the younger generation should be navigating the modern world.

What does the world need now?

Quite frankly, a lot… people need to put down the phone and live real life. If you are not contributing to living real life and being out in the streets and living nightlife then everything is going to become boring. The young generation needs to listen to the older generation… I love the generation before mine; that said I’m guilty of using the phone, but I’d like to back it down some.

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Image Via The New Order